Environmental Actions

True Dharma International advocates environmental action across the spectrum of life, beginning with what we eat and consume

from birth and how we dispose of the waste of our consumption during life until we die and afterward. Conventional American

burial practice in cemeteries deprives the living of space to grow and pollutes the soil as the caskets erode embalmed bodies

decompose. Industrial cremation spews all kinds of chemical vapors into the atmosphere. Natural or green burial allows

our bodies to provide nutrients to the soil that feeds plants of the fields and forests. In India, the dead have been fed to

funeral pyres along riverbanks like the Ganges but an immense amount of timber is burned up in the process and the ashes

and partial remains are disposed of in the water. India can hardly afford to waste and pollute its natural resources very much

longer. I proposed an ecologically congruent method of treating the dead in an invited paper I submitted for the Simhasth

Kumbha Mela International Convention in Indore in May 2016. A version of the paper appeared in the monthly magazine

Modern Buddhism, New York, June 2016. http://cafe.daum.net/mobuddhism

Modern Buddhism June 2016

Modern Buddhism
June 2016



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