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The logo of the True Dharma International Buddhist Mission derives from the ancient Buddhist tradition of Korea. The image is known as the “Ocean Seal” or “Diagram of  the Dharmadhatu according to the Hwa-eom (Hua-yen) One Vehicle”.  It was originally designed in China as a teaching aid around 668 A.D. by the first Korean Avatamsaka Sutra Patriarch Uisang (625-702).

In One, All In Many, One

In One, Many
In Many, One

The design is a winding maze or labyrinth  with its beginning (Dharma) and terminal point (Buddha) in the center of the mandala. It is a contemplative poem and Dharma teaching in 210 Chinese ideographs, arranged in thirty verses of seven characters each. The seal or stamp has four sides, four corners, and fifty-four angles or sharp turns and meanderings.  It is a graphic synopsis of the profound wisdom of the massive Avatamsaka and Gandavyuha Sutras.


Nirodha Meditation House Certificate 3-2006


Jin Bup  Dr. Frank Tedesco was appointed Director of Nirodha Meditation House, home of True Dharma International Buddhist Mission, by the ancient Hwaomsa (Avatamsaka) Monastery in Korea, in 2006.


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