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True Dharma International Buddhist Mission or simply True Dharma International is an 501(c)(3) religious charitable organization devoted to the lessening of suffering in our world through compassionate service for all beings. We are inspired by the insights of the Enlightened Ones and their compassionate action “walking the path of truth” in many forms and on multiple planes of existence. Buddhist teachings require lifelong deep study and contemplation, keeping the basic precepts and appreciative curiosity about the thinking and practices of other world views.


About admin

True Dharma Dr. Frank Tedesco is a Buddhist teacher, writer and activist for all life. He is the founder of True Dharma International Buddhist Mission. He currently resides in the Tampa Bay area of Florida with his wife Jinsuk and many rescued animals. He volunteers as a Buddhist hospice spiritual care advisor and prison chaplain and is active with the St. Petersburg Interfaith Association, the Uberoi Foundation for Religious Studies and the World Fellowship of Buddhists.

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